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Breathe Away Anxiety

With the New Year right around the corner, I hope you are taking a little time to recharge. New Year's Resolutions seem to be in the back of our minds. I have read many comments and jokes on facebook about how there is not really a need to make resolutions because they are not kept any how. I like to think about the new year as a time to reflect, hope and renew our strengths. For this year coming, I want to build on what I am already doing. That doesn't seem overwhelming and is certainly doable.

With the loss of a family member right before the most busy time of the year, my healthful living care went by the way side. So now, with some needed rest, I reflect on what most fulfills me most. Being a mother, wife, professional and starting a new business brings a long list of blessings and responsibilities. I remind myself what I remind my students and clients. BREATHE. Not just a sigh, but a deep breath that goes deep into your belly. Hold the breath for a 5-10 seconds and then let it out slowly. I ask the children that I work with..."Can you feel that? Do your shoulders feel better?" Sometimes they say yes, sometimes we laugh. But always the tension leaves my shoulders. So for your New Year, I wish for you some moments to breathe all they way into your belly, build on your strengths and be reminded of your blessings. Happy New Year!

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